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Australasian Monsoons

The warmest surface waters on earth are in the western Pacific warm pool. This region is a net exporter of water vapour to higher latitudes, most transported by monsoon winds.  Changes in temperature of this region influence the amount of poleward water vapor transport.  The monsoons, in turn, influence surface properties of the western Pacific.  My colleagues and I, as well as other researchers, have found changes in surface water properties on orbital to millennial time scales.

We use stable isotopes and Mg/Ca of planktonic foraminifera to reconstruct changes in surface temperature and the oxygen isotope composition of sea water. We also use organic geochemistry to infer changes regional convection.

Related Publications

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Yair Rosenthal (Rutgers)

Brad Linsley (LDEO)

Mahyar Mohtadi ((MARUM, U. Bremen)

Fern Gibbons (Former WHOI student)

Jessica Tierney (WHOI)