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Current Research Projects

Economics of open ocean seaweed farming for bio-fuel production

Using techno-economic modeling to determine the economic viability of large-scale open ocean seaweed farms to generate feedstocks for bio-fuel production from kelp (New England, Alaska) and from tropical seaweeds (Puerto Rico).

There's a long list of collaborators, including Loretta Roberson (Marine Biological Laboratory), Michael Stekoll (University of Alaska), Scott Lindell (WHOI), Cliff Goudey (C.A. Goudey and Associates), and Charles Yarish (University of Connecticut).

These projects are pending, awaiting final contract awards from ARPA-E under the MARINER Program.  More information.

Integrating Mussel and Kelp Longline Culture Structures and Management

Developing and testing gear designs and operational approaches to the efficient culture and harvesting of mussel and kelp stocks from a dual-crop ocean farm.

Collaborators: Scott Lindell (WHOI), Charles Yarish (University of Connecticut), Bren Smith (GreenWave and Thimble Ocean Farms), Cliff Goudey (C.A. Goudey and Associates), and Joshue Reitsma (Woods Hole Sea Grant).

Funding: NOAA Sea Grant.

More information.

Siting and Pre-permitting Offshore Aquaculture in New England

Streamlining the marine aquaculture permitting process in federal waters off New England to support sustainable growth in US marine aquaculture and seafood production.

Collaborators: Porter Hoagland and Di Jin (WHOI), Michael Tlusty (University of Massachusetts Boston), Brooke Hodge, Matthew Thompson, and Scott Kraus (New England Aquarium).

Funding: NOAA Sea Grant Aquaculture Program.

More information.

Mid-Atlantic coastal resilience study

Assessment of vulnerability to climate change effects of coastal resources, infrastructure, and economic activity in the mid-Atlantic region of the United States.

Collaborators: Charles Colgan (Center for the Blue Economy, Middlebury Institute for International Studies), Porter Hoagland and Di Jin (WHOI).

Funding: Mid-Atlantic Regional Ocean Council.

More information [coming soon!].

Valuation of ecosystem benefits from living shorelines

Case studies of how ecosystem benefits are derived from allowing shorelines to evolve naturally in the context of climate change effects.

Collaborators: Di Jin and Porter Hoagland (WHOI).

Funding: NOAA Sea Grant.

More information [coming soon!].

Microplastics in the Ocean

Development of a comprehensive research plan to address questions about micro-plastics in the marine environment.

Managing Risk of Vibrio Parahaemolyticus in Farmed Oysters

Understanding the environmental and operational factors that contribute to the prevalence of Vibrio Parahaemolyticus in farmed oysters, and development of strategies to minimize the risk of human illness due to exposure through oyster consumption.

Collaborators: Roxanne Smolowitz (Roger Williams University) and John Brawley (Sweet Sound Oysters).

Funding: NOAA Sea Grant.

More information [coming soon!].

Shellfish Farming in Coastal East Africa

The objectives of this project are to increase seafood protein production and improve economic opportunities for women shellfish growers and their families in coastal villages of East Africa through sustainable hatchery-based production of local shellfish species.

Collaborators: State University of Zanzibar, Institute of Marine Science (University of Dar es Salaam), Island Creek Oysters (Duxbury, Mass.).

More information.