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Julien Bonnel (PI)

My activity is interdisciplinary and collaborative. My lab is open to interns, students and post-docs with various interests, covering signal processing, acoustics, oceanography and marine biology. My personal playground is in between signal processing and ocean acoustics. However, I do enjoy working with students and post-doc that have diverse backgrounds.

If you are interested in joining the lab, go to opportunities.


Below is a list of PhD students and post-docs that are -or have been- working with me.

PhD students

Mark Goldwater [2021 - ...]


  • Subject: Machine Learning and Ocean Acoustics
  • Supervisors: J. Bonnel, D. Zitterbart
  • Selected publication: M. Goldwater, D. Zitterbart, D. Wright, and J. Bonnel. Machine-learning-based simultaneous detection and ranging of impulsive baleen whale vocalizations using a single hydrophone. The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, 153(2):1094–1107, 2023

A CNN to detect/classify signals with modal dispersion
[Figure M. Goldwater]

[Figure from wikipedia]

Ariel Vardi [2020 - ...]


  • Subject: Environmental characterization using Machine Learning
  • Supervisor: J. Bonnel
  • Selected publication: A. Vardi-Chouchana and J. Bonnel. An end-to-end deep learning approach for joint detection, source localization and environmental characterization using a single hydrophone in shallow water. In ASA meeting, Nashville (USA), Dec. 2022

Mathilde Gigot [2019 - 2022]


  • Subject: Impact of noise on crustaceans
  • Supervisors: L. Chauvaud, J. Bonnel, F. Olivier
  • Selected publication: M. Gigot, F. Olivier, G. Cervello, R. Tremblay, D. Mathias, T. Meziane, L. Chauvaud, and J. Bonnel. Pile driving and drilling underwater sounds impact the metamorphosis dynamics of Pecten maximus (L., 1758) larvae. Marine Pollution Bulletin, 191:114969, 2023

A Great Scallop - an important topic in the PhD
[Picture National Geographic]

Bernouilli-Gaussian model for wavenumber estimation
[Picture T. Paviet-Salomon]

Thomas Paviet-Salomon [2018 - 2021]


  • Subject: Modal wavenumber estimation using sparse analysis
  • Supervisors: A. Dremeau, T. Chonavel, B. Nicolas, J. Bonnel.
  • Selected publication: T. Paviet-Salomon, J. Bonnel, C. Dorffer, B. Nicolas, T. Chonavel, D. Tollefsen, D. Knobles, P. Wilson, and A. Dremeau. Estimation of frequency-wavenumber diagrams using a physics-based grid-free compressed sensing method. IEEE Journal of Oceanic Engineering, 2021. in press.

Youenn Jezequel [2017 - 2020]


  • Subject: Acoustic ecology of the European lobster and the red spiny lobster
  • Supervisors: L. Chauvaud, J. Bonnel
  • Selected publication: Y. Jézéquel, L Chauvaud, and J. Bonnel. Spiny lobster sounds can be detectable over kilometres underwater. Scientific reports, 10(1):1–11, 2020.

In-situ characterization of lobster sounds (Iroise Sea)
[Photo E. Amice © CNRS 2017]

Waveguide invariant distribution in deep water
[Figure R. Emmetière]

Rémi Emmetière [2015 - 2018]


  • Subject: Source depth discrimination in deep water using the waveguide/array invariants
  • Supervisors: J. Bonnel, T. Chonavel, M. Géhant Pernot
  • Selected publication: R. Emmetière, J. Bonnel, X. Cristol, M. Gehant, and T. Chonavel. Passive source depth discrimination in deep-water. IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Signal Processing, 2019. in press, DOI: 10.1109/JSTSP.2019.2899968.

Gaétan Richard [2015 - 2018]


  • Subject: Orca whales and sperm whales depredation behavior of the French Patagonian toothfish fishery
  • Supervisors: C. Guinet and J. Bonnel
  • Selected publication: Gaëtan Richard, Christophe Guinet, Julien Bonnel, Nicolas Gasco, and Paul Tixier. Do commercial fisheries display optimal foraging? the case of longline fishers in competition with odontocetes. Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences, (ja), 2017.

Killer whale with a depredated Patagonian toothfish (Southern Ocean) [Photo G. Richard]

Modal propagation in an oceanic waveguide
[Figure E. Conan]

Ewen Conan [2014 - 2017]


  • Subject: Source depth discrimination in shallow water using a horizontal line array
  • Supervisors: J. Bonnel, B. Nicolas, T. Chonavel
  • Selected publication: E. Conan, J. Bonnel, B. Nicolas, and T. Chonavel. Using the trapped energy ratio for source depth discrimination with a horizontal line array: Theory and experimental results. Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, 145(2):2776–2786, 2017.

Emmanuelle Leroy [2014 - 2017]

  • Subject: Passive Acoustic Monitoring of Antarctic Blue Whales in the Souhtern Indian Ocean
  • Supervisors: J.Y. Royer, J. Bonnel
  • Selected publication: E. Leroy, F. Samaran, J. Bonnel, and JY Royer. Seasonal and diel vocalization patterns of antarctic blue whale (balaenoptera musculus intermedia) in the southern indian ocean: A multi-year and multi-site study. PLOS ONE, 11(11):e0163587, 2016.


Deployment of one autonomous acoustic recorder
for the OHASISBIO network [picture J. Bonnel]

Bayesian matched field processing algorithm
[Figure Y. Le Gall]

Yann Le Gall [2012 - 2015]


  • Subject: Acoustic source localization in an uncertain oceanic environment
  • Supervisors: FX Socheleau, R. Fablet, J. Bonnel
  • Selected publication: Y. Le Gall, S. Dosso, FX. Socheleau, and J. Bonnel. Bayesian source localization with uncertain green's function in an uncertain shallow water ocean. Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, 139(3):993–1004, 2016.

Olivier Le Bot [2011 - 2014]


  • Subject: Detection, localization and characterization of underwater transient sounds
  • Supervisors: J.I. Mars, C. Gervaise, J. Bonnel
  • Selected publication: O. Le Bot, C. Gervaise, J. Bonnel, and J. Mars. Désentrelacement de clics par analyse du rythme. Traitement du signal, 30:196–218, 2013

Spectrogram of dolphin whistles and clicks
[Figure Le Bot]

Morgane Meillour [2016 - 2017]

  • Subject: Combining passive acoustics and satellite remote sensing for coastal oceanic observation.
  • Supervisors: J. Bonnel, R. Fablet
  • Morgane stopped her PhD in Sept. 2017 for personnal reasons.


Gaétan Richard [2019 - ...]


  • Subject:
    • Orca whales and sperm whales depredation behavior of the French Patagonian toothfish fishery [2019 - 2020]
    • Arctic soundscape [2020 - ...]
  • Selected publication:
    G. Richard
    , J. Bonnel, J. Tixier, P.and Arnould, A. Janc, and C. Guinet. Evidence of deep-sea interactions between toothed whales and longlines. Ambio, pages 1–14, 2019. DOI 10.1007/s13280-019-01182-1.

Killer whale around Crozet Island (Southern Ocean)
[Photo G. Richard]

Spectrogram of a Combustive Sound Source signal, as recorded on the New England Mud Patch
[Figure D. Eleftherakis]

Dimitrios Eleftherakis [2017 - 2018]


  • Subject: Geoacoustic inversion on the New England Mud Patch
  • Selected publication: J. Bonnel, S. Dosso, D. Eleftherakis, and R. Chapman. Trans-dimensional inversion of modal dispersion data on the new england mud patch. IEEE Journal of Oceanic Engineering, 2019. in press, DOI: 10.1109/JOE.2019.2896389

Dorian Cazau [2015 - 2017]


  • Subject: Acoustical meteorology
  • Selected publication: D. Cazau, J. Bonnel, and M. Baumgartner. Wind speed estimation using acoustic underwater glider in a near-shore marine environment. IEEE Transactions on Geoscience and Remote Sensing, 57(4):2097–2106, 2018

An elephant seal tagged with an hydrophone. The acoustic data collected by the animal is used to estimate wind and rain the Southern Ocean.
[Figure J. Joumaa]

Source localization method
[Figure A. Komaty]

Ali Komaty [2015 - 2016]


  • Subject: Single receiver source localization in shallow water

Bazile Kinda [2013 - 2014]


  • Subject: Environmental estimation using ambient noise
  • Selected publication: B.G. Kinda and J Bonnel. Passive acoustic observations of tide height in the iroise sea using ambient noise. The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, 138(3):EL299–EL304, 2015


Ambient noise in the Iroise sea
[Figure B. Kinda]

Modal filtering on a tilted HLA
[Figure A. Korakas]

Alexios Korakas [2013 - 2014]


  • Subject: Modal filtering using Horizontal Line Arrays

Florent Le Courtois [2012 - 2015]


  • Subject: Estimation of wavenumbers in a dispersive waveguide
  • Selected publication: F. Le Courtois and J. Bonnel. Compressed sensing for wideband wavenumber tracking in dispersive shallow water. The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, 138(2):575–583, 2015.


Wavenumber estimation using particle filtering
[Figure F. Le Courtois]