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CC-CREW: Community College Research Experiences at WHOI

The application for Summer 2023 will open in January. See the application here!

Please direct all questions about CC-CREW to Gretta Serres:

Summer: CC-CREW is a paid ($17/hr), full-time, non-residential summer research experience for local community college students. Last summer we hosted 6 students at WHOI for 9 weeks (June 13 - August 12, ~40hrs/wk). The students learned about scientific research and participated in research projects related to marine biogeochemistry, microbiology, marine plastics, invasive species, deep-sea hydrothermal vents and more. Research groups hosting students included those lead by Dr. Harriet Alexander, Dr. Colleen Hansel, Dr. Collin Ward, and Dr. Julie Huber. In addition Dr. Gretta Serres worked with the students on a daily basis to introduce basic lab protocols, attend lectures and workshops, learn about STEM careers at an institution like WHOI, and meet with WHOI scientists and alumni of the CC-CREW program. The students also received mentoring on the transition from a community college to a university and on options for graduate studies in areas they are interested in. Students presented their research to an audience of peers and mentors. Previous students in the program  have come to us from 4Cs, Massasoit CC, Mt Wachusett CC, Bunker Hill CC, and Bristol CC. While most students commute daily, some students do seek temporary housing. Please ask early if that is needed.

School Year: A for-credit CC-CREW program is also offered during the fall or spring semester through 4Cs and WHOI- this can be for 1, 2, or 3 credits, and is a paid opportunity. Please contact if interested. In addition, WHOI Academic Programs offers a short course combined with an internship for 4Cs students called the Blue Econmy Internship in January 2023. Some of our CC-CREW students started in this program. Learn more HERE.

Application Qualifications for CC-CREW:

  • Excited to do research in a science lab (no experience needed)!
  • Have a high school diploma or GED
  • Be enrolled at a community college and planning to transfer to a 4-year college majoring in a STEM field OR pursuing a new STEM degree after a previous degree
  • Completed 1-2 semester-long science courses. Ask if you aren't sure!

The application process includes answering a few questions about yourself as well as uploading an unofficial college transcript. TWO letters of recommendation (professor, advisor, boss, supervisor) also need to be emailed to

next generation

Our alumni have almost all successfully transitioned to a 4-year college or university, all majoring in a variety of STEM fields. A number of them are now employed as engineers, scientists, and one is even in graduate school! Every year, we ask a few of them to come back and tell their story to help support new students in their educational and STEM journey!


Funding Agencies

Funding for this program is provided by

  • National Science Foundation
  • Cape Cod Starter Academy through the Massachusetts Department of Higher Education
  • WHOI Doherty Chair in Education
  • Let us know if you would like to support this program! Email Julie