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Technology Description

  • Unmanned Hybrid Radio Frequency (RF) Remote Control (RC) and  Autonomous waypoint following surface vessel (ASV)
  • Waypoint Navigation through the commercially available Ardupilot Series of Controllers, e.g. APM 2,5, 2.6, Pixhawk or Navio
  • Graphical mission planning and control software through a variety of open source packages for these controllers. Mission Planner, APM Planner and others
  • RC Control via commercial hobby grade 2.4 Mhz controllers and receivers, eg FRsky X9D transmitter and L9R receiver
  • Remote access to the navigation computers is possible vai a dedicated serial radio
  • Hull based on the Mokia ES-Kape impeller driven kayak with 3 piece modular design for easy transport
    • Subaru EX21 Electronic Start 7 HP 4 stroke engine
    • Dimensions 143” L, 36” wide, 19” tall, 195 lbs
    • 6 G Tank, 4 to 28 hours depending on RPM
    • Maximum Speed 21 mph with 130 lbs load to 8 knots with 300 lbs load, based on no drag inducing sensors
    • Minimum cruising speed 3 knots with clutch, 1.5 knots with no clutch. Clutch enables zero speed, if no clutch zero speed is not possible unless engine is stopped.
  • Operating Conditions
    • Within Sight and RC Control Range of Operator
    • 2 to 3 ft sea state, wind less than 20 knots. -10 deg C to 25 deg C tested temperature range
  • Sensor and Data Logging
    • A wide range of sensors are possible similar to a small boat (figure 1a)
    • Single beam recreational fishing grade echosounders are easily integrated (Data in Figure 2)
    • ADCPs in a sea chest are also a typical configuration
    • A Jetyak variant with a retractable keel to deploy a PingDSP swath bathymetric sidescan sonar was recently developed (Figure 1b)
    • Data logging is on a small fanless PC enclosed in water tight box. This can either Linux or Windows and
    • Data computer accessed by the operator via a long range wifi link allowing remote desktop display of data as it is acquired, and allowing real time adaption of sampling parameters.

Funding Agencies