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The Argo observational network consists of a fleet of 3000+ profiling autonomous floats deployed by about a dozen teams worldwide. WHOI has built about 10% of the global fleet.

Arctic Heat

This program consists of three different projects to study the changes in the Arctic.  They are the Marginal Ice Zone (MIZ), Stratified Ocean Dynamics of the Arctic (SODA), and Arctic Heat Project.

Air-Launched Autonomous Observer

The ALAMO program seeks to develop an air-deployed profiling ocean float capable of making sustained measurements of upper ocean temperature and salinity.

Western Boundary Currents

The Origins of the Kuroshio and Mindanao Currents (OKMC) and the Kuroshio Extension System Study (KESS) are two projects that contribute to the Western Boundary Currents study.

Typhoons and Hurricanes

The Impacts of Typhoons on the Ocean in the Pacific (ITOP) program was a multi-national field campaign that aimed to study the ocean response to typhoons in the western Pacific Ocean.

Ocean Mixing

The objectives of Ocean Mixing are to engage in developing, implementing, and testing dynamics-based parameterizations for internal wave–driven turbulent mixing in global ocean models.