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Project #2: Formation and persistence of benthic biological hotspots in the Pacific Arctic

The northern Bering and Chukchi Seas. The colors illustrate gridded benthic macroinfaunal dry weight carbon biomass per square meter on a logarithmic scale, by averaging scattered benthic observations with gray dots that represent station locations. Dash-line bounding boxes indicate geographic domains of 4 benthic biological hotpots from south to north as defined in Grebmeier et al. [2015]: St. Lawrence Island Polynya (SLIP), Chirikov Basin (Chirikov), Southeast Chukchi Sea (SECS), and Northeast Chukchi Sea (NECS).

Funding Agencies

The National Science Foundation Arctic Program under grant number 1604047.


This is a joint project with Dr. Rubao Ji and Dr. Carin Ashjian (WHOI), Dr. Jinlun Zhang (University of Washington), Dr. Robert Campbell (University of Rhode Island), Dr. Jacqueline Grebmeier (University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science Chesapeake Biological Laboratory).

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Research Papers

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