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Accelerating innovation at WHOI

AVAST supports WHOI's vision for innovation in ocean technology, science, and education by providing the resources to create and pursue cutting-edge projects and programs. Although its name reflects WHOI's longstanding excellence in Autonomous Vehicles and Sensor Technologies, AVAST serves a broad range of users to accelerate new ocean technology and research, to educate the next generation of ocean technologists and scientists, and to apply WHOI's unique expertise to key societal challenges.

One-page pdf overview here.

Molly Curran presenting NUI

AVAST is an Innovation Accelerator

AVAST helps WHOI staff accelerate Big Bold Ideas that don't fit neatly into our 'usual' R&D model:

  • Accelerating large, WHOI-led initiatives
  • Fostering new internal synergies
  • Piloting new educational programs
  • Building new collaborations: regional to international
  • Supporting new industry & government partnerships

AVAST supports planning and execution of new partnerships, collaborations, educational programs, and other activities.

AVAST is a Collaboration Hub

AVAST supports a state-of-the-art collision space in WHOI's new David Center for Ocean Innovation:

  • R&D space for short or long-term projects
  • Advanced fabrication tools and equipment
  • Videoconferencing & meeting space
  • Educational resources & teaching lab space

AVAST's David Center facility represents a significant investment towards sustaining WHOI's expertise in ocean technologies and expanding these capabilities into new areas with new partners.


AVAST Disseminates Expertise

WHOI is a leader in training the next generation of Ocean Technologists. AVAST helps connect WHOI's subject matter experts to areas in ocean technology and science where they are needed the most, so that WHOI can apply its broad and deep expertise to the biggest challenges facing the oceans and society.