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Electromagnetics Lab: Exploring Crust to Core Through Resistivity On/Offshore



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Past and Future Projects

The ELECCTRO lab has had its share of groundbreaking research. Click here to learn more about our past research and our vision for the future.

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The ELECCTRO group is filled with some fantastic researchers, click here to learn more about our team.

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Lab Outreach


Take a glance at how the ELECCTRO team is communicating our science within our local communities and beyond.

Our Mission

We use electromagnetic methods to develop a deeper understanding of fundamental Earth processes not attainable through other geophysical techniques. The problems we tackle involve exploring the underlying causes of natural hazards and mapping the extent of critical resources to pivot ourselves toward a sustainable future.

Our Values

We strive to foster a collaborative and supportive research group. We recognize that curiosity and mutual respect strengthen our science and aim to cultivate continued growth as learners.