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Seaweed farming

We're applying the latest science and engineering.

Selective breeding

Using the latest genomic tools to optimize quality and yield.

Marine aquaculture

Sustainably providing food and fuel.


MARINER Sugar Kelp Selective Breeding

Shaping the future of a growing kelp farming industry

Shellfish farming

Highlights of current and past projects

Other MARINER seaweed farming projects

Collaborations in Alaska and Puerto Rico

About this lab

Aquaculture currently provides only 2% of our global nutritional needs and virtually none of our energy needs, despite the fact that our planet's surface is 70% water. If we are to meet the projected protein and energy needs of an additional 3 billion people by 2050, we must vastly increase our reliance on this sustainable source of food and fuel. Our lab works in the technology, genomics, and policy realms to advance the feasibility, economics and acceptance of aquaculture.