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Archived Data

Metabolomics data

We submit most of our metabolomics data to MetaboLights, an online database for metabolomics experiments and derived information. The following datasets are publically-available:

MTBLS144: Dissolved organic matter released by Thalassiosira pseudonana. Data from Longnecker et al. (2015)

MTBLS154: Metabolites released by Thalassiosira pseudonana under P-limited and P-replete growth. Data from Kujawinski et al. (2017) and Longnecker & Kujawinski (2017).

MTBLS155: Release of ecologically relevant metabolites by the cyanobacterium, Synechococcus elongatus CCMP 1631. Data from Fiore et al. (2015)

MTBLS157: Evidence for quorum sensing and differential metabolite production by Ruegeria pomeroyi in response to DMSP. Data from Johnson et al. (2016)

MTBLS281: Sponge filtration has a molecular-level impact on the chemical composition of reef dissolved organic matter. Data from Fiore et al. (2016)

MTBLS295: A phosphate starvation response gene (psr1-like) is present in Micromonas pusilla and other marine algae and coordinates the metabolic response to phosphate deficiency. Data from Fiore et al. (submitted)

MTBLS293: Metabolites from surface seawater collected in Narragansett Bay (unpublished)

MTBLS366: Using network analysis to discern compositional patterns in ultrahigh resolution mass spectrometry data of dissolved organic matter. Data from Longnecker and Kujawinski (2016)

MTBLS428: Dissolved organic carbon compounds in deep-sea hydrothermal vent fluids from the East Pacific Rise at 9º50'N. Data from Longnecker et al. (2018)

MTBLS567: Dissolved organic matter released by three different Prochlorococcus strains (a high light-adapted strain (MIT9301; HLII) and two low light-adapted strains (MIT9313; LLIV and MIT0801; LLI). Manuscript for this work is in preparation.

MTBLS461: Intracellular metabolites from an experimental manipulation of marine microorganisms. Data from Longnecker and Kujawinski (2020)

MTBLS1024: Organic sulfur: a spatially variable and understudied component of marine organic matter. Data from Longnecker et al. (2020)

The Gulf of Mexico Research Initiative repository holds the data in "Probing the chemical transformation of seawater-soluble crude oil components during microbial oxidation" (Liu et al. 2020). The datasets include nutrient and DOC data (doi:10.7266/N71C1TTK ), targeted metabolomics data (doi:10.7266/N7N29TW0), non-targeted metabolomics data (doi:10.7266/N7WM1BBP), and metagenomics data (doi:10.7266/N7W95762).

Our data from a 2013 cruise on the R/V Knorr is available here at the Biological and Chemical Oceanography Data Management Office (BCO-DMO) which hosts data from NSF-funded projects.