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Equipment for Loan

The Mooring Lab maintains an extensive inventory of mooring components and equipment available for loan to the scientific community. The fees associated with the loans are generally labor to prepare the equipment and, upon return of the equipment, maintenance and restoration to its original condition. Any loaned items that are damaged or not returned are replaced at the expense of the borrower. Due to the high loan demand, it is advisable to make loan requests as far in advance as possible to avoid scheduling conflicts.

The resources available for loan include:

Mooring Winches

  • Electric hydraulic TSE winches  Quantity: 4
  • Double-barrel capstan Lebus winch  Quantity: 1

Reel Handling Equipment

  • Tensioning carts   Quantity: 8
  • Winding carts  Quantity: 8

Air Tuggers with or without Pedestals

Handling Gear as follows:
(see downloadable file on this web page to request Handling Gear)

Launch and Recovery Deck Gear, such as:

  •     Pick-up poles
  •     Deck lines
  •     Hooks
  •     Throwing grapnels
  •     Cleats
  •     Chain and wire cutters
  •     Slings

Deck Lashing Supplies, such as:

  •     Chain binders
  •     Lashing chain
  •     Eyebolts
  •     Turnbuckles
  •     Assorted hardware

Aircraft strap boxes

Dragging equipment, such as grapnels, depressor weights and sacrificial wire shot

Wire baskets


  • 17” diameter glass spheres in hardhats (nominal 50 lb. buoyancy per sphere)
  • Steel spheres (28”, 30”, 41” and 48” in diameter)
  • 60-64” diameter syntactic foam spheres with 2000-3000 lb. buoyancy
  • Surlyn-foam buoys
  • Guard buoys

Requests for equipment and gear loans should be directed to Chris Ross or phone: 508-289-3927