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Below are some of the projects related to tag technology that members of our lab are working on. Discover more about our projects by hovering over each. Find out details about species involved, technology used, and research methods implemented!

Project SharkCam

PI: Amy Kukulya

Species: Great White Sharks

Technology Used: REMUS AUV

Project TurtleCam

PI: Amy Kukulya

Species: Leatherback Sea Turtles

Technology Used: REMUS AUV

Bio-Logging Camera Tag

Guest Student: Karla Haiat Sasson

Species: Seals, Sea Turtles


PI: Aran Mooney

Species: Longfin Squid

Technology Used: iTag

Fishery/Marine Mammal Interaction

PI: Alex Bocconcelli

Species: Fishery Bycatch

Featured Article: Collaboration is Key

DTAG in Patagonia

PI: Alex Bocconcelli

Species: Blue Whales

Technology Used: DTAG

Collaborator: MERI