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With the different types of tagging technology available, we have been able to tag and collect vital data on various types of marine life all over the world. Featured below are some of the species we have successfully tagged, including some interesting facts on each!

Types of Sharks

Great White Shark

  • Go through more than 1000 teeth in their lifetime
  • They have to keep moving in order to survive
  • They can eat up to a quarter of their body weight in just one meal
  • Gestate their pups up to a year before they are born! They are born @ 5 ft!

Bull Shark

  • Able to survive in saltwater and freshwater
  • Use the bump-and-bite technique to attack their prey
  • Have the strongest bite of any shark species
  • Can grow over 7 feet long

Basking Shark

  • Feeds off plankton, fish eggs, and other minuscule organisms
  • Captures food by using filteration
  • Can grow over 35 feet long and can weigh over 4 tons
  • Likes to swim near the surface

Whale Shark

  • Largest fish in the ocean
  • Can open it's mouth over 5 feet wide
  • Able to live up to 100 years
  • Swallows about 1500 gallons of water each hour

Types of Whales

Humpback Whale

  • Migrates farther than any other mammal on earth
  • Songs can last for hours and can be heard miles away
  • Calves nurse for almost an entire year
  • Calves do not stop growing until they are 10 years old

Sperm Whale

  • Have the biggest brain on earth
  • Loves to eat squid and can eat up to a ton of food per day
  • Named after the spermaceti pulled from their bodies
  • Can dive as deep as 3,000+ feet

Pilot Whale

  • Males are almost as twice as heavy as females
  • Travel in large pods up to 100
  • Actually the second largest dolphin in the world
  • Communicate via clicks

Beaked Whale

  • Only have one pair of teeth
  • Known for their long beaks
  • Least known groups of whales because of their deep-sea habitat
  • Over 20 different species exist

Other Types of Marine Life

Leatherback Sea Turtle

  • Weighs up to 2000 pounds
  • World travelers
  • Primarily feeds on jellyfish
  • Endangered species


  • Nearly 40 species exist
  • Highly intelligent
  • Very social and live in groups
  • Strictly carnivores

Longfin Squid

  • Grow extremely fast
  • Have a short life span – less than a year
  • They are aggressive hunters, can consume fish larger than themselves, and do eat their own species
  • Have internal shell called a pen


  • Group of jellyfish is called a bloom
  • Their bodies are made up of 95% water
  • Been around for millions of years
  • Does not have a brain, heart, bones or eyes


  • Around 70 species in the world exist
  • Bodies are made up of cartilage
  • Have a venomous barb at the base of their tails they use to “sting” anything that threatens them
  • Prefers warm and shallow water


  • They are one of the fastest fish species found in the oceans. Top speed 60 mph
  • Have special organs for warming both their eyes and brains to improve vision quality
  • Often travel alone
  • Have limited predators