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Educational Activities


MIT 2.681 Environmental Ocean Acoustics, co-teaching with J. Bonnel, Fall 2020; co-taught with H. Schmidt, Fall 2018

MIT 6.456 Adaptive Array Processing, co-taught with J. Bonnel, Fall 2019; co-taught with J. Prieseg, Fall 2017

MIT 2.688 Ocean Instrumentation, co-taught with A. Michel and S. Laney, Fall 2017

Student Advising

Postdoc advising: Pedro Vaz Teixeira (2019-present)

Student advising, PhD: Miad Al Mursaline (co-advise w/ Lavery, 2018-present), Brendan O’Neill (co-advise w/ Leonard 2020-present), Ariel Vardi (co-advise w/ Bonnel 2020-present)

Student advising, masters: Katherine Fung (2020-present), Chris Dolan (co-advise w/ Jakuba 2018-2020), Brendan O’Neill (co-advise w/ Leonard 2019-2020), Ryan Conway (2017-2019)

Student supervision, undergrad: Colin Brennan (summer 2020), Alexa Davy (summer 2020), Annie Kroo (summer 2019), Liam Cross (summer 2019), Michelle Fleming (summer 2019/2020)

Thesis committees: Rui Chen (2019-present), Oscar Viquez (2019-present), Pedro Vaz Teixeira (2018-2019), Nicholas Rypkema (2017-2019)

Outreach and Service

Virtual and in-person lab tours:

I often run virtual and in-person lab tours for middle-school and high school students.  If you are interested in scheduling a lab tour, contact me!

JASON Live Webcast

Live webcast for elementary and middle school students, discussing what I do and why I do it.  Full content is available here.