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Curriculum Vitae

Personal History

Born, September 9, 1948. U.S. Army, 1966--68. B.S., University of Oklahoma, 1970. M.S., University of Miami, 1972. Ph.D., University of Miami, 1977. Married, four children.

Positions and Awards

Research Associate, University of Rhode Island, 1977--79. Assistant Scientist, 1979--83; Associate Scientist, 1983--94, awarded tenure, 1988, Senior Scientist, 1994 to present, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution. Sverdrup Gold Medal, American Meteorological Society, 1994. Seward Johnson Education Chair in Physical Oceanography, 1994--2001. Program Officer at the Office of Naval Research, 2002--2003. Fellow of the American Meteorological Society, 2003. Associate Dean, Academic Programs Office, WHOI, 2006. Retired,Scientist Emeritus, 2010 to present.

Educational Activities

Major Advisor to four PhD and two MS recipients. Instructor of graduate level courses in the MIT/WHOI Joint Program: Air-Sea Interaction, Introduction to Physical Oceanography, Fluid Mechanics of the Atmosphere and Ocean, Science & Communication. Instructor of a workshop for postdoctoral and scientific staff, Writing a Better Science Proposal.

Research Interests

Dynamics of the upper ocean; surface mixed-layer, generation of inertial-internal motions. Hurricane/Ocean interaction. Marginal seas and deep water formation. Lagrangian descriptions.

Research Funding History

JP has been a PI on research grants from the National Science Foundation and the Office of Naval Research for the past 30 years, and presently holds a grant from ONR entitled, Studies of Air-Sea Coupling.

Referreed Publications

Author or co-author of about 60 refereed scientific publications --- 25 notable or recent as of April 2010:

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Non-refereed Publication (selected recent)

Dimensional analysis of models and data sets, 41 pp., a Coriolis turorial, 50 pp. and Lagrangian and Eulerian representations of fluid flows, 92 pp. On the MIT Open Course Ware site: