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Overflow Projects

This subdirectory holds some things relevant to marginal sea overflows, and particularly the Marginal Sea Boundary Condition (MSBC) described by Price and Yang (1998), included here as the file LHof.pdf. The programs are public domain, and you can use them for any purpose. Please let me know if you find any errors (or if you want to share a suggestion for improvement).

medsea.fA Fortran version of the MSBC in stand-alone mode, for the
Mediterranean Sea only.
norsea.f Same, for the Nordic Sea.
goczts.datA data file with z,T,S data for the western Gulf of Cadiz.
irmzts.datA data file for the Irminger Sea (Denmark Strait).
LHof.pdf A manuscript (pdf) that describes the margnial sea boundary condition; published in the 1998 Les Houches workshop report.
FBCdata.pptA powerpoint presentation of data from the June 2000 Faroe Bank Channel cruise.
FBCarchive.zipA zip file containing all of the data from the Faroe Bank Channel cruise, and the Matlab scripts needed to read and plot the data.