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Throughout my career, I have been dedicated to supporting young scientists by providing research training and opportunities to postdocs as well as graduate, undergraduate and high school students. I am also very active in outreach, giving multimedia presentations on coral reef science to WHOI Trustees, journalists, local elementary school classes, and the general public several times each year. The classroom visits are particularly rewarding as an opportunity to teach specialized topics and reinforce the value of science in education. Some of my outreach materials and presentations are available below:

a Meeting with Falalis Elders

Micronesia Blog

In 2012, I led a 28-day expedition to study remote reefs and collect long coral drill cores from the Federated States of Micronesia.  Read about our trip here.



Surprise Encounter with an Olive Sea Snake

On a coral-surveying expedition to the northern Great Barrier Reef in 2014, I had a face-to-face visit with a large sea snake.



The Hole Record

We went to the remote Chagos Archipelago in the central Indian Ocean in 2015 to find and core large coral colonies.


The Once and Future Corals

An audio slideshow: Research on the reefs

Classroom presentation

An audio slideshow aimed at middle-school-age children.

Online Resources and Datasets

Coral Paleoclimate

Radiocarbon Calibration and Carbon Cycle

High-Latitude Paleoclimate

Tropical Paleoclimate and Paleoenvironment

Popular Articles

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