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12.800 Fluid Dynamics of the Ocean and Atmosphere

12.800 is a course in basic geophysical fluid dynamics for oceanographers, meteorologists, engineers, and biophysicists.
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» 12.800 Syllabus

12.809 Hydraulic Phenomena in Geophysical Fluid Flows

12.809 covers theory and observation of a variety of ocean, atmospheric, and coastal phenomena associated with high-speed flow.  Examples include deep ocean overflows, exchange flows in marginal seas and estuaries, the supercritical coastal marine layer, and coastal gravity currents.  The course follows Pratt and Whitehead's book "Rotating Hydraulics" and can be tailored to fit the interests of the students.  The course involves an experiment and field trip to a Cape Cod waterway and research projects by all students.
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» 12.809 Syllabus

Dust can be lofted up into the atmosphere by supercritical winds, here generated by atmospheric flow through the gaps in the mountain range fringing the Red Sea.

12.097 Science, Dance and the Creative Process

This experimental course explores overlaps between science and art, with ocean science and dance making representing the two viewpoints.  A central aim is to expose students to the creative processes practiced by a variety of scientists and dance makers, thereby providing material for reflection and growth in the students’ creative and communicative abilities.  The class combines science lectures with dance studio sessions on the MIT Campus.  Taught with MIT professor Raf Ferrari and dancer/choreographer Mariah Steele.  Absolutely no dance experience is necessary.