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Publications 1983 - 1989

PDF of Publications Not Available here:

Pratt, Larry J., 1989.  Critical control of zonal jets by bottom topography.  Journal of Marine Research, 47, 111- 130.

Stern, Melvin E., and Lawrence J. Pratt, 1985.  Dynamics of vorticity fronts.  Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 161, 513-532.

Pratt, L. J., 1984.  On inertial flow over topography Part 2.  Rotating-channel flow near the critical speed.  Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 145, 95-110.

Pratt, L. J., 1983.  On inertial flow over topography. Part 1.  Semigeostrophic adjustment to an obstacle.  Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 131, 195-218.

Pratt, L. J., 1983.  A note on nonlinear flow over obstacles.  Geophysical and Astrophysical Fluid Dynamics, 24, 63-68.

Publications With PDF

  • Pratt, L. J., 1988.
    Meandering and eddy detachment according to a simple (looking) path equation. Journal of Physical Oceanography, 18(11), 1627-1640.
  • Pratt, Lawrence J., and Laurence Armi, 1987.
    Hydraulic control of flows with nonuniform potential vorticity. Journal of Physical Oceanography, 17(11), 2016-2029.
  • Pratt, L. J., 1987.
    Rotating shocks in a separated laboratory channel flow. Journal of Physical Oceanography, 17(4), 483-491.
  • Pratt, L. J., and Melvin E. Stern, 1986.
    Dynamics of potential vorticity fronts and eddy detachment. Journal of Physical Oceanography, 16(6), 1101-1120.
  • Pratt, L. J., 1986.
    Hydraulic control of sill flow with bottom friction. Journal of Physical Oceanography, 16(11), 1970-1980.
  • Pratt, L. J., 1984.
    A time-dependent aspect of hydraulic control in straits. Journal of Physical Oceanography, 14(8), 1414-1418.