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Solomon, Matt and Natalia on the RV Tioga (July 2022)                    GEMS team, August 2022


Lab Group, summer 2021: Matt, Heather, Solomon, and Jeff           Lab Group, summer 2018:  Alex, Kyle, Matt, and Adam

Matthew H. Long

Manish Devana, PhD, Postdoctoral Investigator, 2023-current

Solomon Chen, MIT-WHOI Joint Program student 2020-2022 (previously a WHOI Summer Student Fellow, 2019); currently a Research Associate at WHOI, 2022-current

Christopher Murray, PhD, WHOI NSF-Postdoctoral Fellow 2022-current

Chris is an ecophysiologist and experimental biologist who studies how climate change and other anthropogenic stressors are affecting the physiological processes of marine ectotherms.

Samuel Koeck, Research Assistant. 2022-Current

Megan Bachant, Research Assistant. 2022-current

Connor Young, University of Rhode Island, WHOI Summer Student Fellow, 2023

Previous Machine Lab members:

Jeff Coogan, PhD, WHOI Postdoctoral Investigator, 2020-2023, webpage

Natalia Wierzbicki. Worcester Polytechnic Institute. WHOI Guest Student, 2022.

Ryan Galusha. California Polytechnic State University. WHOI Summer Student Fellow, 2022.

Heather Ricker. Skidmore College. WHOI Summer Student Fellow, 2021.

Katie Haviland, Cornell PhD candidate, WHOI guest student, 2021, interested in seagrass-sediment dynamics in eutrophic estuaries

Adam Subhas, PhD, Postdoctoral Scholar, 2017-2019, Current position: Assistant Scientist, WHOI, webpage

Kyle Conner, WHOI Summer Student Fellow, 2018; currently a graduate student at the University of Hawaii at Manoa

Alex Quizon, WHOI Guest Student, 2018

Miraflor Santos, Undergraduate Mentee, Partnership in Education Program, WHOI, 2017; currently MIT-WHOI PhD student

Lucy Fitzgerald, Undergraduate Mentee, Biological Discovery in Woods Hole, WHOI, 2016

Apryle Panyi, Undergraduate Mentee, Biological Discovery in Woods Hole, WHOI, 2015

Alexandra Dunn, Undergraduate Mentee, WHOI Guest Student, 2014