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Ph.D. students

My lab is always on the lookout for highly qualified and ambitious students. The MIT-WHOI Joint Program is a competitive and internationally-recognized Ph.D. program that needs no introduction. Because of this our students also have a great chance of obtaining external funding (which looks great on a CV)! Potential students should plan on applying for funding for which there are a variety of resources:

NSF Graduate Student Research Fellowship Program (fall deadline)
National Defense Science and Engineering Graduate (NDSEG) Fellowships (fall deadline)
Dr. Nancy Foster Scholarship Program (fall deadline)
Nationally Competitive Graduate Fellowships list

See the MIT-WHOI JP student-run newsletter, Through the Porthole, here.

Also, please see the JP Applicant Support & Knowledgebase (JP ASK) run by our current Joint Program students.


WHOI has a great Postdoctoral Scholar program. You should apply for this. There are also a variety of other postdoctoral fellowship opportunities from NSF, Ford,  and other sources that vary from year to year.

Undergraduate Students

I am a mentor for the WHOI Summer Student Fellowship, the Woods Hole Partnership in Education Program, and the MBL Biological Discovery in Woods Hole program. My lab has offered research experiences on a variety of topics including: deploying in situ instruments at a variety of field stations, squid ecophysiology, ocean primary production, coral and seagrass metabolism, instrument development, and turbulent exchange techniques. Students with interests in chemistry, biology, engineering, ecology, or coastal oceanography will find rewarding experience in my lab.