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A EURO_BASIN project to understand and simulate the population structure and dynamics of broadly distributed, biogeochemically, and trophically important plankton and fish species of the North Atlantic basins and shelf seas; to assess impacts of climate variability on North Atlantic marine ecosystems; and to contribute to improving and advancing management of North Atlantic marine ecosystems. As part of this project, a Trans-Atlantic cruise was conducted on the R/V G. O. Sars starting in Bergen, Norway on 1 May 2013 going to Nuuk, Greenland and ending in Bergen on 14 June 2013.  I participated on the cruise and have been collaborating with Webjorn Melle and others at IMR, Norway in data analysis and manuscript preparation describing this work.

Funding Agencies

Funding from the EU's EURO-BASIN project (Integrated Project on Basin-Scale Analysis, Synthesis and Integration - Framework Program 7, Contract 264933) ,and the Institute of Marine Research, Bergen, Norway.


This cruise hosted a number of investigators from Denmark, Norway, Spain, UK, and USA.