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Friends and Collaborators

My postgraduate alma matar, the University of Hawaii, Department of Zoology:

Where I did my PhD (Hawaii Institute of Marine Biology and Marine Mammal Research Program, UH) and where you will find Paul Nachtigall and Whitlow Au

WHOI's Biology Department:

I am lucky to collaborate with Roger Hanlon of the Marine Biological Lab, Woods Hole

A great colleague, Marc Lammers, of Oceanwide Science Institute

Another great colleague, Adam Pack, of the University of Hawaii and The Dolphin Institute

I have also had the pleasure and opportunity to work with:
Lee Miller
Tomonari Akamatsu
Marianne Rasmussen
Peter Madsen
Jakob Christensen-Dalsgaard
Mats Amundin
Daphne Soares
Catherine Carr
Gal Haspel
Jonas Teilmann
Songhai Li