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Invertebrate Hearing & Bioacoustics

Sensory capabilities of these ecologically key animals.

Marine Mammal (and Bird) Hearing

Examining the age old question of form and function, population-level variability,  the influence of natural soundscapes, and how species differ.


Bioacoustic Behavior

Recording the natural acoustic behavior of marine animals.

Fisheries Bycatch and Depredation

Investigating means to reduce bycatch and depredation.

Soundscapes and Passive Acoustics

Monitoring changes in the ambient acoustic environment.

Squid Ecophysiology

These projects look at the abilities of squid to deal with human-caused stressors, either through physiology or behavior, across the animal's life history.

Invertebrate Biosensing

Examining fine scale behaviors of soft-bodied invertebrates with accelerometer based tags.