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Amy Apprill

Amy Apprill

Associate Scientist

Marine Chemistry & Geochemistry

Contact Information
Work: 508 289 2649
Fax: 508-457-2164
Building: Fye 116

Mailing Address:

Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
266 Woods Hole Road, Mailstop #4
Woods Hole, MA 02543


2009 - Ph.D. in Biological Oceanography, University of Hawaii at Manoa

2004 - M.S. in Biological Oceanography, University of Hawaii at Manoa

2001 - B.A. in Marine Science, Biology, University of San Diego

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Microbial Ecology for Ocean Conservation

Research in our laboratory focuses on the contribution of microorganisms to the health and ecology of sensitive animals and ecosystems of the ocean.  We are interested in the factors driving microbial growth, interactions and succession within these environments and the microbes’ functions and contributions to the health of their host or habitat. Our laboratory conducts field observations and in situ experiments that rely on diverse methodologies and collaborations.