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ARB resources

Educational resources for the analysis of microbial sequence data using ARB

The materials available at the right were designed for a 2-day workshop entitled “Analysis of microbial sequence data using ARB” which was sponsored by a C-MORE EDventures grant. The files include a set of tutorials with a practice dataset used during the course. The materials focus on the use of the software programs Sequencher, a program for viewing and edit raw sequence data and ARB, a program for sequence data management, alignments and phylogenetic analyses. I have posted the materials on this site for the following audiences:

  • Individuals aiming to hold a similar workshop at their institution.
  • Students/post-docs/scientists with a basic introduction to sequence data analysis and the software program ARB wishing to refresh and broaden their skills.

The materials to the right are not intended for individuals with no background in microbial nucleotide sequence data analysis or with the software program ARB. Comprehensive training workshops on ARB for novice users or for those seeking explanations of advanced features in ARB are available through Ribocon.

It is generally recommended that the tutorials be completed in order, but completion of tutorial 1 is not necessary before beginning the other ARB tutorials. It is also recommended that you complete tutorials 2-5 and gain a working knowledge of ARB before attempting the “Assignment in ARB.“ Please feel free to contact Amy if you have any questions about the posted materials.