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Sept. 1: Depart Apia, Samoa

Sept. 4: Arrive Kanton 
Transit: 660 nautical miles

Sept. 8: Arrive Enderberry
Transit: 43 nm

Sept. 9: Arrive Birnie
Transit: 38 nm

Sept 12: Arrive Rawaki
Transit:50 nm

Sept. 16: Arrive Manra
Transit: 57 nm

Sept. 17: Arrive Orona
Transit: 60 nm

Sept. 21: Arrive McKean
Transit: 128 nm

Sept. 23: Arrive Nikumaroro
Transit: 72 nm

Sept. 29 (est.): Arrive Apia
Transit: 572 nm

Total transit distance: 1,680 nm

About this expedition

An international team of scientists returns to the Phoenix Islands Protected Area (PIPA) to explore new and existing study sites; study connectivity of island and pelagic systems to determine the movement of organisms within island reefs, between islands, and across the Pacific; and investigate the resilience, resistance, and recovery of reefs and organisms in response to a changing climate and recovering populations following the newly enacted no-take restrictions.

Expedition map

Cruise Track

Phoenix Islands Protected Area (PIPA)

Pipa map