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Ecological Chemistry of Ocean Health


Our research probes the interactions between marine organisms and their geochemical environment by integrating geological, chemical, and biological perspectives. In doing so, our research encompasses several domains of life spanning bacteria to corals, explores elements both essential (e.g., oxygen) and detrimental (e.g., chromium) to life, and spans diverse geochemical niches (from coral reefs and the deep-sea on Earth to rock varnish on Mars).

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Organismal Health

Chemical controls on and signatures of marine life health

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Chemistry of Ecosystem Function

Biogeochemical processes in ecosystem health


Sensor Development

Novel sensors for measuring key chemicals for ocean health and function

The Hansel Lab

We are a team of ocean stewards with diverse training and backgrounds in Earth sciences. In our lab we believe in respect, kindness, and working together as a team with the unifying goal of understanding our ocean to help preserve its resources and habitants.



In this lab, we believe: science is real (microscope image), love is love (rainbow anatomical heart), black lives matter (brown raised fist), feminism is for everyone (female symbol), cells are cool (cells), immigrants are welcome (statue of liberty).

Select Recent Publications

Hansel, C.M., J.M. Diaz. 2021. Reactive oxygen species production by marine biota. Annual Review of Marine Science 13, 177-200.

Sutherland, K., S.D. Wankel, C.M. Hansel. 2020. Dark biological superoxide production as a significant flux and sink of marine dissolved oxygen. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, USA 117, 3433-3439

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Grabb, K.C., J. Kapit, S.D. Wankel, K. Manganini, A. Apprill, M. Armenteros, and C.M. Hansel. 2019. Development of a handheld submersible chemiluminescent sensor: Quantification of superoxide at coral surfaces. Environmental Science & Technology 53, 13850-13858

Estes, E.R., R. Pockalny, S. D’Hondt, F. Inagaki, Y. Morono, R.W. Murray, D. Nordlund, A.J. Spivack, S.D. Wankel, N. Xiao, and C.M. Hansel. 2019. Persistent organic matter in oxic subseafloor sediment. Nature Geoscience 12, 126-131