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There is a tech paper in the offing, but the short story is that mooring motion does not significantly impact the current meter performance at flow speeds smaller than 30-40 cm/s. This can be inferred from data plotted in the Polzin 2021 Fluids paper and the Polzin et al. 2022 manuscript.

Version 3 of the venerable High Resolution Profiler (HRP3) being dock tested prior to shipment for BLT1. I finally have an instrument in which I can pull up on station and dial up 2 m height above bottom.
I've been working on putting Sandy William's Modular Acoustic Velocity Sensor (MAVS) on conventional taut wire moorings. The intent is to open up exploration of how stratification, rotation and time dependence alter the structure of the boundary layer, particularly over steep and rough topography.