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The origin point of this work is that of hearing too many homilies about double diffusion from Ray Schmitt and not being able to get those to mesh with the observations. It seemed more obvious to talk about T-S variability as a passive tracer and the rate of dissipation of therm variance (chi) as a metric of eddy stirring. Thus, we get

Ferrari and Polzin 2005 JPO, which can be contrasted with the St. Laurent and Schmitt 1999 take from the same data set.

The work with Raf considered mixing length estimates, which prompted a study of mixing lengths from repeat hydrography,

Naveira Garabato et al. 2011 JGR, which should be contrasted with Toole 1981.

Sufficiently emboldened, we argue that patterns in microstructure data from a single tow-yo section can be directly interpreted as a metric of the residual overturning circulation in the Southern Ocean

Naveira Garabato et al., 2016 JPO.

and finally, we are working on a statement that a handful of microstructure stations in the Argentine Basin can be used to estimate the eddy potential vorticity fluxes relating to subduction across the South Atlantic Subtropical Front.

Orúe-Echevarría et al., shortly.