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 PAPERS IN REFEREED JOURNALS (*Ph.D. Advisee, +Post-Doc Advisees, # In class research project student)


Natalie R. Cohen+, Arianna I. Krinos, Riss M. Kell*, Rebecca Chmiel*, Dawn M. Moran, Matthew R. McIlvin, Paloma Z. Lopez, Alexander Barth, Joshua Stone, John A. Breier, Michael V. Jakuba, Rod Johnson, Harriet Alexander, Mak A. Saito. Protistan metabolism across the western North Atlantic Ocean revealed through autonomous underwater profiling. Submitted

Mak A. Saito, Jaclyn K. Saunders+, Matthew R. McIlvin, Erin M. Bertrand, John A. Breier, Margaret Mars Brisbin,Sophie M. Colston, Jaimee R. Compton, Tim J. Griffin, Judson Hervey, Robert L. Hettich, Pratik D. Jagtap, Michael Janech, Rod Johnson, Rick Keil, Hugo Kleikamp, Dagmar Leary,  Lennart Martens, J. Scott P. McCain, Eli Moore, Subina Mehta, Dawn M. Moran, Jacqui Neibauer, Benjamin A. Neely, Michael V. Jakuba, Jim Johnson, Megan Duffy, Gerhard J. Herndl, Richard Giannone, Ryan Mueller, Brook L. Nunn, Martin Pabst, Samantha Peters,  Andrew Rajczewski, Elden Rowland, Brian Searle,Tim Van Den Bossche, Gary J. Vora, Jacob R. Waldbauer, Haiyan Zheng, Zihao Zhao. Results from a Multi-Laboratory Ocean Metaproteomic Intercomparison: Effects of LC-MS Acquisition and Data Analysis Procedures. Submitted

Madeline M. Paoletti#, Gregory P. Fournier, Erin L. Dolan, Mak A. Saito. 2023. Metaproteogenomic profile of a mesopelagic adenylylsulfate reductase: Course-based discovery using the Ocean Protein Portal. J. Proteome Res. 22, 9, 2871–2879.

Chmiel*, R. J., Kellogg*, R. M., Rao*, D., Moran, D. M., DiTullio, G. R., and Saito, M. A. 2023. Low Cobalt Inventories in the Amundsen and Ross Seas Driven by High Demand for Labile Cobalt Uptake Among Native Phytoplankton Communities. Biogeosciences.

Margaret Mars Brisbin+, Alese Schofield, Matthew R McIlvin, Arianna I Krinos, Harriet Alexander, Mak A Saito. Vitamin B12conveys a protective advantage to phycosphere-associated bacteria at high temperatures. ISME Communications. 3, 88 (2023).

JT Middleton, A Paytan, M Auro, MA Saito, TJ Horner, Barium isotope signatures of barite–fluid ion exchange in Equatorial Pacific sediments. Earth and Planetary Science Letters. 612, 118150.

Nathan S Garcia, Mingyu Du, Michele Guindani, Matt McIlvin, Dawn M Moran, Mak A Saito, and Adam C Martiny. Cellular proteome identifies regulation of marine Synechococcus elemental stoichiometry and cell traits under global change. Submitted.

Laura M. Whitmore; Julie Granger; Yang Xiang; Lauren E. Kipp; Angelica Pasqualini; Robert Newton; Alison M. Agather; Robert F. Anderson; Erin E. Black; Katlin L. Bowman; Annie Bourbonnais; Mark A. Brzezinski; Randelle M. Bundy; Matthew A. Charette; R. Lawrence Edwards; Jessica N. Fitzsimmons; Dennis A. Hansell; Phoebe J. Lam; Peter Morton; Mak Saito; Alan M. Shiller; William M. Smethie; Benjamin S. Twining; Ryan J. Woosley; Ruifeng Zhang. A U.S. GEOTRACES synthesis of the Arctic Ocean Upper Halocline: multielemental tracers in the Amerasian Basin reveal interlinked biogeochemical and physical processes. Progress in Oceanography. In Review.

Pavlopoulos, G.A. et al. 2023. "Discovery, diversity and distribution of functional dark matter through global metagenomics.". Nature 622

Browning, T.J., Saito, M.A., Garaba, S.P., Wang, X., Achterberg, E.P., Moore, C.M., Engel, A., Mcllvin, M.R., Moran, D., Voss, D. and Zielinski, O. 2023. Persistent equatorial Pacific iron limitation under ENSO forcing. Nature, 621, 330–335.

Riss M. Kellogg*, Nicole L. Schanke, Lauren E. Lees, Rebecca J. Chmiel*, Deepa Rao*, Margaret M. Brisbin, Dawn M. Moran, Matthew R. McIlvin, Francesco Bolinesi, Raffaella Casotti, Cecilia Balestra, Tristan J. Horner, Adam V. Subhas, Robert B. Dunbar, Andrew E. Allen, Giacomo R. DiTullio, Mak A. Saito. Zinc-Iron co-limitation of natural marine phytoplankton assemblages in coastal Antarctica. Submitted.

Deepa Rao*, Zoltan Fussy, Dawn M. Moran, Matthew R. McIlvin, Andrew E. Allen, Michael J Follows, Mak A. Saito. Flexible B12ecophysiology of Phaeocystis antarctica due to a fusion B12-independent methionine synthase with widespread homologues. Accepted at PNAS.

Johnson, Matthew D., Holly V. Moeller, Christopher Paight, Riss M. Kellogg*, Matthew R. McIlvin, Mak A. Saito, and Erica Lasek-Nesselquist. 2023. Functional control and metabolic integration of stolen organelles in a photosynthetic ciliate. Current Biology33, no. 5 (2023): 973-980.

Webb, Eric A., Noelle A. Held, Yiming Zhao, Elaina D. Graham, Asa E. Conover, Jake Semones, Michael D. Lee et al. 2023. Importance of mobile genetic element immunity in numerically abundant TrichodesmiumISME communications. 3, no. 1: 15.


Jaclyn K. Saunders+, Matthew McIlvin, Chris L. Dupont, Drishti Kaul, Dawn Moran, Tristan Horner, Sarah M. Laperriere, Eric Webb, Tanja Bosak, Alyson E. Santoro, and Mak A. Saito. 2022.  Microbial Functional Diversity across Biogeochemical Provinces in the Central Pacific Ocean. PNAS.

Kellogg* Riss M., Mark A. Moosburner, Natalie R. Cohen+, Nicholas J. Hawco*, Matthew R. McIlvin, Dawn M. Moran, Andrew E. Allen, Mak A. Saito. 2022. Adaptive responses of marine diatoms to zinc scarcity and ecological implications. Nature Communications 13, 1995.

Eric A.Webb,  Noelle A. Held, Yiming Zhao, Elaina Graham, Asa E. Conover, Jake Semones, Michael D. Lee, Yuanyuan Feng, Feixue Fu, Mak A. Saito, David A. Hutchins.  Importance of Mobile Genetic Element Immunity in Numerically Abundant Trichodesmium Clades. Submitted.  doi:

Moran, M.A., Kujawinski, E.B., Schroer, W.F., Amin, S.A., Bates, N.R., Bertrand, E.M., Braakman, R., Brown, C.T., Covert, M.W., Doney, S.C. and Dyhrman, S.T., 2022. Microbial metabolites in the marine carbon cycle. Nature Microbiology7(4), pp.508-523.

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German, C.R., Baumberger, T., Lilley, M.D., Lupton, J.E., Noble, A.E., Saito, M., Thurber, A.R. and Blackman, D.K., 2022. Hydrothermal Exploration of the Southern Chile Rise: Sediment‐Hosted Venting at the Chile Triple Junction. Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems23(3), p.e2021GC010317.

Kellogg* Riss M., Mark A. Moosburner, Natalie R. Cohen+, Nicholas J. Hawco*, Matthew R. McIlvin, Dawn M. Moran, Andrew E. Allen, Mak A. Saito. 2022. Adaptive responses of marine diatoms to zinc scarcity and ecological implications. Nature Communications 13, 1995.

Kellogg*, Riss M., Dawn M. Moran, Matthew R. McIlvin, Adam Subhas, Andrew Allen, Mak A. Saito. 2022. Lack of a Zn/Co substitution ability in the polar diatom Chaetoceros Limnol. Oceanogr. 67(10), 2265–2280.

Mars Brisbin, Margaret, Satoshi Mitarai, Mak A. Saito, and Harriet Alexander. 2022. Microbiomes of bloom-forming Phaeocystis algae are stable and consistently recruited, with both symbiotic and opportunistic modes.  ISME J16, 2255–2264.

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Walworth#, N.G., Saito, M.A.#, Lee, M.D., McIlvin, M.R., Moran, D.M., Kellogg*, R.M., Fu, F.X. and Hutchins, D.A., 2021. Why Environmental Biomarkers Work: Transcriptome-Proteome Correlations and Modeling of Multi-Stressor Experiments in the Marine Bacterium Trichodesmium.  # co-first authors. Journal of Proteome Research.

Noelle A. Held*, John B. Waterbury, Eric A. Webb, Riss M. Kellogg*, Matthew R. McIlvin, Michael Jakuba, Frederica W. Valois, Dawn M. Moran, Kevin M. Sutherland, Mak A. Saito. 2021. Dynamic diel proteome and daytime nitrogenase activity supports buoyancy in Trichodesmium erythraeum. Nature Microbiology.

McIlvin, M.R. and Saito, M.A., 2021. Online Nanoflow Two-Dimension Comprehensive Active Modulation Reversed Phase–Reversed Phase Liquid Chromatography High-Resolution Mass Spectrometry for Metaproteomics of Environmental and Microbiome Samples. Journal of Proteome Research.

Tanya Marshall, Julie Granger, Karen L. Casciotti, Kirstin Dähnke, Kay-Christian Emeis, Dario Marconi, Matthew R. McIlvin, Abigail E. Noble, Mak A. Saito, Daniel M. Sigman, and Sarah E. Fawcett. Sedimentary iron and excess phosphate jointly regulate N2 fixation in the South Atlantic. Submitted.

Mazzotta+ Michael G, Matthew R. McIlvin, Dawn M. Moran, David T. Wang, Kay D. Bidle, Carl H. Lamborg, Mak A. Saito. 2021. Characterization of the metalloproteome of Pseudoalteromonas (BB2-AT2): biogeochemical underpinnings for zinc, manganese, cobalt and nickel cycling in a ubiquitous marine heterotroph. Metallomics.

Cohen, N.R., Noble, A.E., Moran, D.M., McIlvin, M.R., Goepfert, T.J., Hawco, N.J., German, C.R., Horner, T.J., Lamborg, C.H., McCrow, J.P. and Allen, A.E., 2021. Hydrothermal trace metal release and microbial metabolism in the Northeast Lau Basin of the south Pacific Ocean. Biogeosciences.  1-39.

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