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Current Members


John Stegeman

Senior Scientist
Director, Woods Hole Center for Oceans and Human Health

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Phone: 508.289.2320


Jed Goldstone

Research Specialist

PhD 2002, MIT-Woods Hole Joint Program

Jed's research interests encompass the evolution of the "chemical defensome" in animals, and the evolution of the chemical space of animal metabolism in response to the natural environment. These research interests have led him toward genome sequencing and annotation, currently in vertebrates and marine invertebrates, and protein modeling and ligand docking. He is also interested in the functional toxicology of legacy and emerging contaminants. He is a member of the Cytochrome P450 Nomenclature Committee, the International Scientific Organizing Committees of the Pollutant Responses in Marine Organisms (PRIMO) and Cytochrome P450 Biodiversity and Biotechnology conference series.  He is also the former Chair of the Board of Health in Falmouth.


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Phone: 508.289.4823


Rita Garrick

Guest Investigator

I am a physiologist with research interests in cell membranes and
transport under normal or altered conditions. As a postdoctoral fellow I focused on endothelial cells permeability to water and small solutes and continued in this area after accepting an academic position. This led to a project to isolate and grow endothelial cells from specialized areas of the vasculature of the American eel, Anguilla rostrata. I pursued this work at The Marine Biological Laboratory in Woods Hole until John Stegeman invited me to move my work as a guest in his lab at WHOI. I developed three lines of eel endothelial cells and purified two lines of endothelial cells from the bottlenose dolphin, Tursiops truncatus. I havemeasured the response of these cells to xenobiotics and proposed endogenous inducers of CYP1A to compare the response of the different populations of cells and of the two species.

As a physiologist I like to keep a perspective on the integration of different levels of organization; and the range of interests in the Stegeman lab encourages this approach.

Outside the lab I enjoy fiber arts, particularly crochet, gardening, birding, exploring baking techniques, and especially my grandchildren.

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Phone: 508.289.3057