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Community Engagement Core

Project Lead: Dr. Mindy Richlen

Project Personnel: Dr. Carla Curran (Broader Impacts, LLC), Dr. Michael Brosnahan (WHOI), Ms. Kathleen Patterson (WHOI), Mr. Nick Symmonds (WHOI)

CEC Communication Interactions

The WHCOHH CEC has the following Specific Aims:

Aim 1: Engage stakeholders concerned with the safety of marine resources. Activities will include the establishment of networks and infrastructure to facilitate information exchange and resource sharing among stakeholders concerned with the safety of marine resources affected by HABs.
Aim 2: Expand community and classroom education on the causes and impacts of HABs. The CEC will develop classroom activities and exhibits on based on HABs and WHCOHH research, including a web-based game enabling classroom and public interaction with real-time data produced by Center research.
Aim 3: Strengthen environmental health literacy. This aim focuses on increasing awareness of HAB-related health threats, and includes strengthening communication with public health professionals and organizations involved in risk analysis and communication.

Ongoing research will be shared as a result of our existing partnerships and by collaborating with community networks to increase environmental health literacy. The WHCOHH CEC operates with the active participation of the Project PIs and investigators, and with the CEC partners and organizations to engage a variety of stakeholders and communities in the Northeast to prevent human heath exposure to HAB toxins. The CEC Leader will facilitate interactions between stakeholders and WHCOHH investigators, and foster community engagement and participation in our research at multiple levels.

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