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Northeast HAB Website

The management of harmful algal blooms (HABs) in New England has grown more challenging due to the emergence of New HAB species that can cause seafood poisoning and disrupt ecosystems. The Northeast HAB website was created as a regional resource that provides background information as well as access to bloom monitoring data and commentary, forecasting model products, and data collected by HAB sensors deployed throughout the region.

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2024 Gulf of Maine HAB Science Symposium

The next Gulf of Maine HAB Science Symposium will be held in Portsmouth, NH from March 12-13, 2024. This meeting brings together researchers, managers, and stakeholders to share research findings, information and data, and monitoring plans about HABs in New England waters. The preliminary agenda is available HERE.

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WHOI HABhub data portal is live!

The prototype WHOI HABhub is now live!  This open source data portal assimilates HAB surveillance data at a regional scale to provide best possible situational awareness regarding the status of HABs and HAB toxins in New England.  The WHOI HABhub can be accessed HERE, and more information about its development can be found HERE.

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