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The Current Team

Team Members (left to right): Ben Van Mooy, Senior Scientist; Lisa Coe, Summer Student Fellow (University of Pittsburgh); Max Jahns, MIT/WHOI Joint Program Student; Marissa Small, Laboratory Assistant (Brandeis University); Helen Fredricks, Research Associate; Kelsey Perry, Laboratory Assistant (University of Massachusetts, Amherst); Shavonna Bent, MIT/WHOI Joint Program Student; Dan Lowenstein, Research Assistant; Henry Holm, MIT/WHOI Joint Program Student

Ben Van Mooy Senior Scientist x-2322 Fye 117
Helen Fredricks Research Specialist x-3678 Fye 119A
Dan Lowenstein Research Assistant x-2912 Fye 119A
Shavonna Bent Joint Program Student
Henry Holm

Max Jahns

Joint Program Student

Joint Program Student



Fye 119


The Team Through History


Left to right: Henry Holm, Ben Van Mooy, Alina Ebling, Dan Lowenstein, Helen Fredricks



Van Mooy Lab Group - Winter 2016. Left to right: Ben Van Mooy; Kyle Mayers, Guest Student; Helen Fredricks, Research Specialist; Kevin Becker, Postdoctoral Scholar; Jonathan Hunter, Postdoctoral Investigator, Jamie Collins, Joint Program Student (graduated 1/2017).


The Van Mooy Lab of 2011: (left to right) Postdoc Jamey Fulton, JP Student Bethanie Edwards, Research Associate Krista Longnecker, JP Student Kim Popendorf, Research Assistant Justin Ossolinski, Postdoc Patrick Martin, Ben Van Mooy, Postdoc Suni Shah, Visiting Scientist, Maite Hernandez-Sanchez, Research Associate Helen Fredricks, JP Student Jamie Collins.


The Van Mooy Lab in 2009: (left to right) Postdoc Krista Longnecker, JP Student Kim Popendorf, Postdoc Tim Shanahan, Ben Van Mooy, Research Associate Helen Fredricks, JP Student Laura Hmelo, Research Assistant Justin Ossolinski.