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New Device Reveals What Ocean Microbes Do

Instrument may also help monitor sewage treatment plants

Oceanus Article

Short-circuiting the Biological Pump

Tiny chemical compounds help choreograph a planet-size dance

Evan Lubofsky

Originally published online August 24, 2015

Oceanus article:

To Banish Biofouling

Can a new approach help sailors prevent barnacles and algae from coating ship hulls?

by Cherie Winner
Summer 2013
Oceanus Article

The Ocean's Tiny Chemists

A new tool helps sort out a hubbub of microbial activity in the sea

by Kim Popendorf
Originally published online November 23, 2011 : In print Vol. 49, No. 1, Dec 2011
Oceanus Article

No phosphorus? No worries! Marine life finds substitutes

Originally published online September 2, 2009 : In print Vol. 47, No. 2, Sep. 2009

by Juli Berwald

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Listening In As Bacteria 'Talk' to Each Other

A graduate student explores the microbial mysteries of quorum sensing

by Laura Hmelo

Originally published online November 3, 2008 : In print Vol. 47, No. 1, Dec. 2008

Oceanus Article