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Publications and Presentations


Freeman, D.H.; Niles, S.F.; Rodgers, R.P.; French-McCay, D.P.; Longnecker, K.; Reddy, C.M.; Ward, C.P. Hot and cold: Photochemical weathering mediates oil properties and fate differently depending on seawater temperature. 2023.

Freeman, D.H. and Ward, C.P. Sunlight-driven dissolution is a major fate of oil at sea. Science Advances. 2022. DOI: 10.1126/sciadv.abl7605

Ward, C.P.; Bowen, J.C.; Freeman, D.H. and Sharpless, C.M. Rapid and Reproducible Characterization of the Wavelength Dependence of Aquatic Photochemical Reactions Using Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs). ES&T Letters. 2021.



Freeman, D.H.*, and Ward, C.P. (2023) Sunlight and temperature mediate the fate of oil in diverse spill environments. ACS 2023 Aquatic Photochemistry Session (Indianapolis, Mar 2023).

Freeman, D.H.*, and Ward, C.P. (2022) Sunlight-driven chemistry impacts oil fate in diverse spill scenarios. ACS, In-person. Oral Presentation.

Freeman, D.H.*, and Ward, C.P. (2021) Photochemical dissolution of oil at sea: Assessment of rates and controls. ACS, Virtual. Oral Presentation.

Freeman, D.H.*, and Ward, C.P. Dissolving oil in a sunlit sea. Multi-Partner Research Initiative (MPRI) Student Research Forum: Fisheries and Oceans Canada. Halifax, Canada. 6 Dec 2020. Oral Presentation.

Gschwend, P.* with Brenneis, R., Bugher, N., Chow, C.M., Dai, M., Franco, L., Freeman, D., Goss, M., Helstrom, E., Perez-Lodeiro, N., Riedinger, K., Tantawi, O., Traylor, S. What chemical properties of PFAS appear to limit our ability to anticipate their environmental fates and effects? SERDP ESTCP. Nov 2020. Oral Presentation.

Freeman, D.H.*, Sullivan, J., Shaheen, S., and Vasudevan, D. Building a mechanistic understanding of the sorption of substituted pyridines to aluminosilicate clays. American Chemical Society National Meeting, San Francisco, CA, April 2017. Poster Presentation.

For a general (nonscientist) audience

*Equally contributed

Freeman, D.H. Sunlight and the fate of oil at sea. Oceanus. 29 Sep 2022.

Bhatt, E.*, Blevins, M.G.*, Freeman, D.H.*, and Taenzer, L.* Graduate student perspectives on equitable remote learning. 2021. EOS, 102.