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Here are some resources for the general public (or new students!) to learn more about environmental chemistry and ocean science through books, podcasts, movies, and more! This is not an exhaustive list and there is plenty of great stuff out there that I haven't read/watched/listened to myself. Included on these lists are simply the particular items I have enjoyed.


  • Environmental Organic Chemistry, textbook by Schwarzenbach, Gschwend, and Imboden
  • Elements of Environmental Chemistry, textbook by Hites and Raff
  • Silent Spring, by Rachel Carson
  • Uncle Tungsten, by Oliver Sachs


  • The podcast Radiolab has several ocean- and chemistry-related episodes including
    • “Life in a barrel”
    • “A war we need”
    • “Octomom”
    • “Everything and nothing”
    • “Red herring”
    • "Heavy metal"
  • The podcast Ologies has several ocean- and chemistry-related episodes, including
    • Oceanology
    • Ichthyology
    • Teuthology
    • Biomineralogy
    • Alligator ecotoxicology
  • The podcast "How to save a planet" is hosted by marine biologist Ayana Elizabeth Johnson