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Types of floats deployed by WHOI

Currently being deployed

MRV-S2A - Second-generation float based on design of the Scripps Institute of Oceanography (SIO) SOLO-II. Manufactured by MRV Systems. Hydraulic system changed from piston to reciprocating pump allowing for smaller hull configuration. All S2A floats use Iridium communications. Variants include different battery configurations and pump design. (425 floats deployed since 2012. Currently makes up most of the WHOI fleet.)

MRV-ALTO - Similar to the MRV-S2A but with different type of hydraulic system and controller. Larger version of MRV-ALAMO float. Under development; first deployed in 2017. (9 floats deployed so far)

Earlier float types

SOLO-I - The original float developed by the Instrument Development Group at SIO. Uses ARGOS telemetry, which restricts the amount of data which can be returned, so vertical resolution is somewhat coarse in deeper waters. (82 floats deployed 2001-2004)

SOLO-WHOI - A variant of the SOLO-1. Identical hull and hydraulics to SOLO-1 but with a central controller designed and programed by SeaScan Inc. Variants included different CTDs (Seabird or Falmouth Scientific) and later versions used the Iridium satellite network for telecommunications rather than ARGOS. (916 floats deployed 2003-2014)

SOLO-WHOI-DO - Variant with a dissolved oxygen sensor in addition to the CTD. (39 floats deployed 2007-2014)





Newer float models are substantially smaller than the original SOLOs due to technological advancements.