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Arrival in Honolulu

May 3, 2018
Start of the Journey

Today marks the start of our journey. We met up from disparate places in Honolulu last night to catch the once-a-week flight to Kiritimati (Christmas) Island, 1,200 miles due south of here. This morning we meet over coffee to review the expedition plans. Everyone is eager to get underway. But…not so fast! We just learned…

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PIPA 2018 Mission

WHOI’s Cohen Lab teams up once again with Pangaea Exploration, this time returning to the remote Phoenix Islands Marine Protected Area. The study site is the planet’s largest and deepest World Heritage Site. It’s been three years since a super El Niño wreaked havoc across the Pacific basin, destroying many coral reefs.


Anne Cohen, Principal Investigator
Tenured Associate Scientist
George Patton Lohmann (Pat)
Lead Diver and Master Story Teller
WHOI Scientist Emeritus
Michael Fox
PhD student Scripps Institute of Oceanography
Post-doctoral Scholar-to-be Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
Expertise: Coral Reef Trophic Ecology
Richard Brooks
Nathaniel R. Mollica
PhD student, MIT-WHOI Joint Program in Oceanography
Research focus: Investigating climate change impacts on coral reef ecosystems using proxies and models