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Analytical Prices for Rock Samples

The hard rock team is pleased to provide helium and neon isotope measurements in rocks and minerals (see separate tab for water prices). Analytical charges are made on a per sample basis and reflect the cost of doing the measurements. Commercial analyses are also offered, but at a higher rate. Please contact us at or regarding scheduling, possible sample types and mineralogy, mineral separations, and required sample sizes.

2019 Prices

Analysis TypeNon-commercialCommercial
3He/4He, He Abundances$393$589
He-Ne-Ar Isotopes and Abundances$589$883

Notes: These prices include a 65% institutional overhead charge (this is related to the WHOI MTDC overhead cost recovery structure, please contact us for the actual rates). Please direct inquiries to with a cc to We define "Non-Commercial" as being government-funded, academic, or non-profit entity research.

These prices are based on measurements in rocks, minerals, hot springs, and natural gases.  Good results require good samples, so we have stringent requirements on sampling procedures and materials. We can assist you in mounting an effective sampling program and can provide you the appropriate equipment and materials. Please contact Joshua Curtice ( for information. Note that samples containing elevated levels of non-atmospheric He, for example from hydrothermal or volcanic sources, will require special handling and analysis due to their variable sizing and non-atmospheric 3He/4He isotope ratio. Please contact us to discuss your options.