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MISO Instrumentation


TowCam is a specially designed digital camera system that photographs the seafloor as it is towed above the ocean bottom behind an oceanographic research vessel.

Deep Sea Cameras and Strobes

Photographs of the sea floor provided some of the first clues about the abundance of life in the deep ocean, lava flows on the mid-ocean ridge crest, and evidence for hydrothermal venting.

Marine Magnetometer

The WHOI-MISO Facility provides BGM-3 gyrostabilized marine gravimeters to the UNOLS community through the 'Potential Fields Pool Equipment' (PFPE) section. A SeaSpy Marine Magnetics magnetometer towfish and cable/reel system are available to UNOLS operators requiring a spare or replacement system.

High Temperature Loggers

The MISO Facility's self recording loggers are rated to 6000m operating depth and have been pressure certified for use on Alvin. They have been used extensively and successfully at hydrothermal vents in the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans by numerous investigators over the years.

Deep Sea Batteries & Switches

The MISO Facility's Deep Sea Power & Light (DSPL) SeaBatteries are capable of outputting 24 Volts Direct Current (DC) with and average current capacity of 42 Amps/Hour.