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Marine Magnetometer

SeaSPY Marine Magnetometer System

In discussions with various UNOLS operators and based on use demand, acquisition of a portable high precision marine magnetometer system (Marine Magnetics SeaSPY system) was deemed important to provide to US marine scientists .  The complete system, including the magnetometer towfish, cable, portable winch and cable, and topside telemetry/deck cable, is available through the WHOI-MISO facility as part of the PFPE inventory.  The system pictured here can be shipped by surface or air-freight anywhere in the world in its rugged containers.  Costs for use of the system for NSF funded PIs include the mobilization and demobilization costs, primarily shipping.  Non NSF users will be required to pay a lease cost of approximately $3k per cruise leg in addition to the mob/demob costs.

Contact Information

To request a pool magnetometer, please fill out the form on the MISO equipment request form.

For more information on PFPE, contact:
James Kinsey 

Dan Fornari 


MISO PFPE marine magnetometer and winch system.
Shipping box for magnetometer towfish.
Magnetometer cable and air-powered winch system and shipping box.
Side and front views of magnetometer winch/cable shipping container (top and bottom).