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Instrumentation - IMS 3f

The IMS 3f is a small radius magnetic sector ion microscope which can be operated as a microprobe providing elemental abundance and isotope analyses of a very small volume at the surface of solid sample.


  • Duoplasmatron ion source for generation of O- ions;
  • Mass resolution power (M/ΔM) up to 8,000;
  • SEM secondary ion counting system includes ETP Electron Multipliers and ECL fast counting system from Pulse-Count Technology Inc. and Faraday cup;
  • Microchannel plate / Fluorescent screen detector for use as a secondary ion microscope;
  • CCD camera mounted for secondary ion imaging;
  • Improved peripheral electronics for better voltage stability
Schematic diagram of the IMS 3f
View of the Cameca IMS 3f at NENIMF