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Publication and Acknowledgement

All facility staff takes an active interest in assisting and supporting visitors to the facility. There is no requirement or expectation for NENIMF staff to become co-author on any publication unless the staff member was part of the initial science proposal or contributed significantly to technique development, current data acquisition and interpretation of results. If, however, the visitor wishes to acknowledge the support received from the entire Facility, then the group name NENIMF (Northeast National Ion Microprobe Facility) maybe added as a co-author.

NSF Acknowledgement

The NENIMF receives financial support from the National Science Foundation’s Instrumentation and Facilities Program. NSF support allows us to offer subsidized rates for the majority of our users. As such, we require that authors acknowledge the NSF’s support of our facility in any publication that uses NENIMF-derived data with the following statement: “Ion microprobe analyses at the Northeast National Ion Microprobe Facility at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution were partially subsidized by the Instrumentation and Facilities Program, Division of Earth Sciences, National Science Foundation.” .