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Research Applications

The following procedures have been established and presently operational at NENIMF:

Applications operational on routine basis

  1. U-Pb, Th-Pb chronology of zircon and monazite (O-/O2- primary beam)
  2. Ti contents in zircon and quartz for thermometry (O-/O2- primary beam)
  3. Boron isotopes in silicate glasses (O-/O2- primary beam)
  4. Sr/Ca and Ba/Ca of marine carbonates (O-/O2- primary beam)
  5. B/Ca and B isotope analysis of marine carbonates (Cs+ primary beam)
  6. Concentrations of H2O, CO2, F, Cl and S in silicate glasses (Cs+ primary beam)
  7. Isotopic composition of sulfur in silicates and sulfides (Cs+ primary beam)
  8. Trace and Rare Earth Element Analysis of Silicate Glasses and Zircon (O-, O2-)

Applications operational but requiring improvement

  1. Isotopic composition of Pb in silicate glass and K-feldspars (O-/O2- primary beam)
  2. Isotopic composition of oxygen in silicate, oxide and carbonate minerals (Cs+ primary beam)
  3. Isotopic composition of chlorine in minerals and glasses (Cs+ primary beam)
  4. Isotopic composition of carbon in carbonate (Cs+ primary beam)

Mg isotopes in marine carbonates are among high priority technical developments to be completed in the near future.