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Fees for Radiocarbon Analyses

Fees at NOSAMS are set with the concurrence of the NOSAMS Advisory and Planning Board and the National Science Foundation.


U.S. Federal and
U.S. Academic Research
Full Price
Analysis Type1-10 samples> 10 samples1-10 samples> 10 samples
Pure Carbon Dioxide$175$165$315$297
Carbonate Minerals$280$268$504$482
Organic Carbon
(ready to burn)
Organic Carbon
(requires pre-processing)
Water DIC
(Dissolved Inorganic Carbon)
Water DOC
(Dissolved Organic Carbon)
Ramped Pyrolysis/OxidationContact for pricing
Methane (in gas or water)
Lower Cost, Lower Precision Analysis
Gas Ion Source (carbonate)
(Minimum batch size 25, subject to availability)
Contact for pricing
Single Step Graphite
(org. carbon - ready to burn)
Ancillary Measurements
δ13C by stable isotope
mass spectrometer
Swipe/ 14C Contam. check$119$107$214$193

> A $30 (federally-funded) handling and analysis surcharge applies to small samples: 25-100 µg C (2-9 µmol).

> A $120 (federally-funded) surcharge applies to high precision analysis (minimum batch size 5 samples).

> Analyses are invoiced after results are reported.

> Additional fees may be assessed for preparation of samples not ready for routine processing, samples which yield no analyzable carbon or those withdrawn at client request.