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Radiocarbon Services

Communities Served

NOSAMS provides high quality radiocarbon analysis of a wide variety of carbon-bearing materials. We continue to analyze an increasingly diverse range of sample types from individual researchers as well as maintaining our commitment and service to global programs such as WOCE, CLIVAR, GEOTRACES and GO-SHIP.

A State-of-the-Art Facility

We are continually updating our techniques and instrumentation to meet the changing needs of the scientific community. As demand for small sample analysis increases, our efforts to characterize and lower process blanks has kept pace. We have provided advancements in chemical pretreatment, novel sample processing (e.g. ramped pyrolysis oxidation methods, rapid extraction of dissolved inorganic carbon, compound specific radiocarbon analysis) to refinements in AMS technology, ranging from very low background instruments to increased precision and most recently to the operation of a new  MIni CArbon DAting System (MICADAS) with peripherals that allow the direct injection of CO2 generated from carbonates and organic samples into the mini accelerator.

Experience is Everything

NOSAMS has a dedicated staff with 30 years of experience to draw upon. We provide guidance and advice on sample selection, collection, and preparation to help ensure you get the most from our services.

Convenient Access, Reliable and Secure

Our clients can easily create a secure log-in to our web-based Portal and conveniently provide electronic sample submission information. After sample receipt, details on analysis progress are available through the Portal at any time and reports of results are available for download. As a national facility, our operations are based on a secure, reliable database management system that is used to track all aspects of sample analysis and quality.