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NOSAMS > Resources > Public Radiocarbon Datasets

Publicly Available Radiocarbon Data

AcronymFull NameDescription
CCHDOCLIVAR and Carbon Hydrographic Data Office

Over 33,000 DI14C and DI13C results measured at NOSAMS are publicly accessible here.

GLODAPv2.2023The Global Ocean Data Analysis Project

Data product of multiple parameters from discrete bottle measurements, including DI14C, from 1108 global ocean cruises.

p3k14cPEOPLE 3000 Radiocarbon Database

The most complete global database of archaeological ¹⁴C dates.

IntChronUniversity of Oxford radiocarbon indexing service

Index of sites where information is stored in the relevant format (JSON).

ISRaDInternational Soil Radiocarbon Database

Open community repository for soil radiocarbon data.

MOSAICModern Ocean Sediment Archive and Inventory of Carbon

An organic geochemical and sedimentological database for marine surface sediments.